Education is taken very seriously at Buttons and Bows, because we know that we have your child at the most important and impressionable time of his or her life. Our excellent, qualified staff works very hard to ensure that your child has the best education available. Every child, egardless of culture, creed, sex, race or social economic status, deserves to begin life on a level playing field. After completing our preschool program, your child will be ready for kindergarten and beyond.

Self-discovery is important at Buttons and Bows. Our early childhood education programs help to nurture the talent and intelligence found in every young mind. Your child will learn that making new discoveries is exciting, that life is an adventure, and that the world around them is a safe place to explore.

Because of the dialog between teacher and child, and thought-provoking, open-ended questions posed to them, your child will learn that they are free to think for themselves, form opinions uniquely their own, and that their contributions to class discussions are important and respected by adults and peers, alike. Our children are encouraged to experiment to make new discoveries about their world.




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